Physical Restraint (PMVA) Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression

This is a three Day Course which includes physical restraint techniques and some aspects of theoretical in preventing and Managing Violence and Aggression.
This course is aimed at those staff working within Mental Health Learning Disabilities who at times are working with vulnerable people who can display aggressive behaviour.
The course content varies depending on whether the staff group are working within Mental Health or Learning Disabilities Service.  We are members of BILD and are working towards Accreditation.  We have adopted and promote the BILD Code of Practise.
We deliver these courses in-house and travel within London and throughout the UK.  Please see Training Programme for more details.
Support Workers
Healthcare Assistants
DURATION - 3 days.
  • The theory of Aggression
  • How Aggression affects us
  • Communication and De-escalation
  • Human Rights Legislation
  • Attitudinal, Situational, Organisational and Environmental Risks
  • Legal and Ethical issues around Physical Interventions
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Managing serious Risk (including medical risks of Physical Interventions/Restraint techniques.
  • De-briefing and support
  • Scenarios
  • Breakaway Techniques
  • Safe Patient/Client Holding Techniques
  • Two person Hold - Standing, Sitting
  • Full Holding techniques (if applicable)

The Physical Restraint -PMVA Training should  be updated yearly.  All participants will receive a certificate if they reach the required level of competency.

No Of Participants - 14