Two - Day Physical Interventions Training Course.




This is a two day physical aspects course for those staff who may be involved in physically intervening with those patients/clients who present as Aggressive or Violent toward each other or Staff.

 The Physical Interventions taught include serrating fighting clients, safely holding a patient/client standing sitting on a sofa, chair or bed leading to full physical restraint if required.  All the physical intervention techniques taught are passive and non-pain compliance techniques and follow all legal guidelines.

 With all the physical intervention techniques that we use it is important, that we are aware of the legal aspects which is also within this training programme.

 This Physical Intervention course is recommended for staff working in all areas of the caring profession, working with patients/clients who potentially display Aggression and Violence. 

 The physical interventions training is not instead of theoretical aspect so you may wish to consider a further 1 day Conflict Resolution training Course.  Please see the programme within the site for more details.

 Our training courses are all in house  anywhere in the country. 

 Please see the Physical interventions programme for More details.




Support workers

Health care Assistants




The course content as set out below, is just an example of aspects included within the physical interventions programme, but can be adapted to meet individual needs.  Please refer to other programmes as set out within the site and let us know what you would like to be included.

  • Primary Hold - Two person Physical Intervention Techniques.
  • Shoulder Hold
  • Safe Patient/Client Holding Techniques
  • Holding a patient standing, sitting on a chair, sofa or bed.
  • Holding a patient using the shoulder hold in a chair.
  • Full Restraint Techniques - prone laying on front - supine - laying on back
  • Legal Aspects
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Case Example
  • Role Plays

The Physical Interventions training programme should be updated yearly.  All participants will receive a certificate if required level of competence is reached. 



Please visit our FORUM which we are in the process of creating to enable you to visit and share experiences of dealing with conflict and managing aggressive situations in the workplace.

We also aim for you to keep up to date with research on relevant issues and also hope that participants who attend our Physical Interventions Training Courses will provide us with feedback through the message board.



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