Managing Violence and Aggression Training Courses: Two day mix of theoretical and practical aspects.

Course Objective
This is a two day mixed course  for those staff working within environments with clients who at times are unable to manage themselves and their potentially aggressive behaviour.
Who should attend
Receptionists, Ward Clerks, Housekeepers, Doctors, Therapists, Community Staff, Lone Workers and all those needing skills in Conflict Resolution.
The training is in-house or if the need demands, venues can be sought in London and surrounding areas.
Duration 2 Days
The course content as set out below is just an example of aspects included, within the Managing Violence and Aggression Programme, and can be adapted to meet individual needs.
Please refer to other programmes as set out within the site and let us know what you would like included.
  • What is Aggression, Violence and Challenging Behaviour.
  • The Importance of knowledge of the client and the situation/
  • Causes of Aggression.
  • How Aggression affects us.
  • Communication and De-escalation.
  • Scenarios/Case examples.
  • Professional responsibility.
  • Breakaway Techniques: Wrist/Arm Releases, Strange hold (Front and Rear), Arm Twist, Punches and Kicks, Choke Hold, Wall and Floor Breakaways, Hair Pulling.
  • Legal Aspects
  • Policies and Procedures

Certificates will be issued if Participants reach the level of competency required.  Managing Violence and Aggression training courses should be undated yearly. 

No of Participants - 14
Please visit our FORUM, and register and you will find relevant information on guidelines and legislation along with peoples experiences on dealing with conflict resolution and physical intervention training.  There is also a Participants feedback board where clients who have attended our physical and non physical courses can leave feedback.


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