Conflict Resolution Training Courses: Teaching staff effective Conflict Resolution techniques to prevent and manage violence and aggression in the workplace.

Course Objective 
This is a one day theoretical course and is an awareness course for those staff from secretaries to receptionists, shop floor workers to benefit officers, in fact this one Day course is for any individual dealing with conflict within the working environment.  Within this one day course, participants will gain knowledge and enhance skills of awareness in managing and resolving conflict.
Our training courses are all delivered in house within London and throughout the country.  Please see the Conflict Resolution training programme for more details.
Who should attend 
  • Office staff
  • Shop floor workers
  • Benefit Officers
  • Job Centre Staff
  • Reception Staff

Any staff who deal with the general public who need skills in Conflict Resolution Training in their workplace or perhaps on the telephone.

The Conflict Resolution training Courses are held in house.
Duration - 1 day
Programme Outline
  • What is Aggression and Violence.
  • How Reactive, Instrumental and Pathological Aggression is displayed.
  • Causes of Aggression within the context of the working environment.
  • Physical signs of aggression we see in a hostile person.
  •  Communication skills and the importance of how we present ourselves through both verbal and non verbal responses.
  • Legal Aspects and what would/could happen if we got it wrong.
  • Case examples relevant to the working environment
  • How we gain support and assistance if required.
  • Risk assessments and reviewing after the event.


Conflict Resolution Training Course Certificates are valid for one year.  

No of Participants for the Conflict Resolution Training Courses
Please visit our FORUM  and register and you will find relevant information on guidelines and legislation along with peoples experiences on dealing with conflict resolution.  There is also a Participants feedback board where clients who have attended our physical and non physical courses can leave feedback.

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