IRMA Training offers courses in PMVA, Control and Restraint, Conflict Resolution and Physical Intervention Training to help protect staff in their place of work.

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This training organisation is working towards gaining BILD accreditation and the standards of the BILD Code of Practice (2006.

This is a one day theoretical course and is an awareness course for those staff from secretaries to receptionists, shop floor workers to benefit officers, in fact this one day course is for any individual dealing with conflict within the working environment.  Within this one day course, participants will gain knowledge and enhance skills of awareness in managing and resolving conflict.
Our training courses are all delivered in house within London and throughout the country.  Please see the Conflict Resolution training programme for more details.
This is a two day mixed course of both theoretical and practical aspects, for those staff working within environments with clients who at times are unable to manage themselves and their potentially aggressive behaviour.  Within the Managing Violence and Aggression course we concentrate on Managing Aggressive situations through techniques of observing, assessing, managing, supporting and evaluating situations through communication techniques and aim to resolve aggressive situations without physical interventions.
Our training courses are delivered in house within London and throughout the rest of the country. 
This is a two day physical aspects course for those staff who may be involved in physically intervening with those patients/clients who present as Aggressive or Violent toward each other or Staff.

 The Physical Interventions taught include separating fighting clients, safely holding a patient/client standing sitting on a sofa, chair or bed leading to full physical restraint if required.  All the physical intervention techniques taught are passive and non-pain compliance techniques and follow all legal guidelines.

 With all the physical intervention techniques that we use it is important, that we are aware of the legal aspects which is also within this training programme.

 This Physical Intervention course is recommended for staff working in all areas of the caring profession, working with patients/clients who potentially display Aggression and Violence. 

This is a  5 day mixed course of both physical and theoretical aspects, and is for those staff who work within Mental Health Services.  The length of the course is dependant on individual choices of those purchasing this training.  Also whether staff have already attended our Conflict Resolution Training Course.
The full five day course includes every aspect as outlined in the  different training programmes IRMA offer from all theoretical aspects of Resolving and Managing Conflict to Physical Interventions Training.
Within the Five-day programme we cover all ten theoretical modules as set out in the CFSMS training programme including recognising, managing, supporting and resolving potentially Aggressive and Violent situations.
We deliver these training courses in-house and travel within London and throughout the country. 
Physical Restraint- (PMVA) Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression.  This is a three day course for staff who have minimal need for physical interventions.
We are currently carrying out the following courses within England mostly in London and surrounding areas but have trained in Scotland and Wales as well and are quite happy training throughout the country.
 Some of our current contracts include courses as follows:
Conflict resolution training in London mix of theoretical and practical.
Prevention  and Management of Violence and Aggression Training countrywide.
Control and Restraint training in London
Physical Intervention  training in London
Resolving Conflict training in London
Managing Violence and aggression training countrywide
Breakaway and non Physical Intervention training in London.
Please visit our FORUM  and register and you will find relevant information for you to peruse.  There is Also a Participants Board where we have put feedback from Participants on our courses.
We also aim for you to keep up to date with research on relevant issues and also hope that participants who attend our conflict resolution courses will provide us with feedback through the message board.
Managing aggression and violence training courses in london and UK

Resolving Conflict and Managing Aggression Training in the UK

Breakaway training for clinical staff in the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression